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Cat inspired yarn!  

Calgary’s Meow Foundation!


Cat inspired yarn!  

Calgary’s Meow Foundation!

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Engagement Manager - Fan Fiction - Wattpad - Job Board - An actual job for an actual person in Toronto. Get on it, Tumblr. You know you want this! Get in there and “engage” enough to bring me the My Little Pony/Breaking Bad crossover I’ve always dreamed of.

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The best of the worst of R.E.A.L. Women Canada

Here’s some highlights from the published works of R.E.A.L. Women Canada, an organization that the National Post’s Barbara Kay says has done “admirable work in supporting traditional family values”. Kay lamented their recent public controversy as they have “commanded my intellectual respect and not infrequently my approval”. These excerpts from the monthly REALity E-newsletter express the thoughtful policy this group shares with members.

On gay men:

"To many homosexuals, a weekend is not complete unless they get high, and sex is not sex without drugs."

"As if the dangers of AIDS were not enough to concern men who have sex with other men, (MSM), there is now another medical peril among them. It is syphilis, which has become mostly a homosexual disease, and is spreading like the common cold among homosexuals."

- August 2013

On fearing the Human Rights Museum:

"Human Rights Museum - A Centre for Propaganda

REAL Women of Canada was alerted to the possibility that the Museum would become a propaganda centre for a left wing interpretation of human rights, such as feminism and homosexuality, when the first executive director of the museum just happened to be a homosexual activist.”

- April 2013

On Canadian soldiers:

"The physical requirements for combat duty, especially, are extremely difficult for most women to meet. Those few women, who can keep up with men, don’t stay around for long."

"Women in the military also face problems with sexual harassment—mainly instances of inappropriate remarks and teasing. It is amazing, though, that these women are sensitive to remarks that offend them, but at the same time are supposed to ruthlessly kill an enemy, in hand-to-hand combat."

- February 2013

On the decline of newspaper readership:

"Another factor contributing to the failing of newspapers is the loss of credibility as they have now become the poster child for biased news…

Only positive stories are allowed, portraying homosexuals as victims of discrimination. No mention is ever made of the debauched, promiscuous lifestyle of homosexuals which leads to the prevalence of physical and mental illness, and a shortened life span. Nor is coverage given to homosexuals who oppose same sex marriage and transgender rights.

Until the consensus media become fair and balanced, they will continue to fail.”

- June 2013

On the justice system:

"The Supreme Court of Canada, which prides itself on its independence, is a weak vessel since it conforms to feminist “political correctness” as determined by the left-wing media."

- April 2013

On LGBT curriculum in schools:

"Homosexuals Intend To Transform Society By Way Of The Education System

These changes are nothing short of political indoctrination using our children to transform the culture to accept the homosexual lifestyle.

…Unless Canadians raise strong objections to this proposal, which amounts to no less than a culture of death for our children, it is inevitable that the transformation of our culture will occur at the insistence of these homosexual activists. We have been duly warned.”

- April 2013

On what women want:

"With the whole world seemingly at their fingertips, why have women’s views and aspirations remained unchanged? The answer is that, to most women, their children and and home are central to, or the very core of their being."

"Children are not just a temporary interruption or side event to their career advancement. Rather, children are an all-consuming concern that constantly occupies their thoughts and hearts. In contrast, it seems easier for men to detach themselves from their children, especially during working hours. This is the case even if these men are hands-on fathers at home."

- February 2013

On the dangers of divorce:

"The no-fault divorce law was the inspiration of feminists, who argued that no-fault divorce would lead to a decrease in animosity, trauma and expense in divorce actions. How wrong they were! The only ones who have benefited from no-fault divorce are lawyers and accountants….

No-fault divorce provides a culture, whereby personal happiness in marriage is emphasized as a priority over one’s responsibilities to one’s spouse and children.”

- February 2013

On proposed legislation mentioning trangender individuals:

"What was emphasized was that Canadians need to accept the fiction of transgenderism, that men can become women and vice versa. In fact, any procedure for sex “reassignment” is superficial and does not change the person’s DNA, the chromosomal makeup that forms the physical basis of the human being, nor does it change the reproductive system."

- July 2013

On CIDA and international aid programs:

"Without any legislative controls, CIDA’s work has been carried out according to the whims of its individual Ministers. For example, CIDA has proven to be a useful tool to export feminism and population control to Third World countries …

The only people in the Third World who we can confidently say have profited from our dollars were the dictators who placed 10% to 20% of CIDA’s funding in “safe-keeping” in personal Swiss and other secret bank accounts.”

- May 2013

On Bill C-279:

"This intention for the bill was confirmed by MP Garrison when he stated, “Once gender identity is in the human rights code, the courts and human rights commissions will interpret what that means”, (xtra, June 5, 2012). That is, the wording of the bill will likely be broadly interpreted to extend to other categories, such as pedophiles, by the courts and tribunals…

Is there a homosexual cabal (a group of secret plotters) in the Senate? We’re about to find out.”

- May 2013

On Margaret Atwood & Sun News:

"Even before the conservative Sun News Network (SNN) went on the air in April 2011, it was viciously attacked. It was accused of producing “hate” – the latter charge promoted by the uncharming left leaning feminist writer, Margaret Atwood. It was accused of bias and bigotry, and was hilariously described as “unnecessary” since there was already, “balanced” news coverage in Canada. SNN was also derisively named by the left wing as “Fox News North”. We should be so lucky!"

- March 2013

If you also find Margaret Atwood uncharming, you’ll find a home at the R.E.A.L. Women Canada newsletter archive.

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DC comics in a single panel.
[From Batman Annual #2, 2013.]



DC comics in a single panel.

[From Batman Annual #2, 2013.]


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and in the midst of all the twelfth doctor chaos, nicholas cage sneaks away with the declaration of independence

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